David Grasselli : guitar et vocals

Fabio Gallucci : mandolin

Pierrick Mastras : tuba

The concert is called Serenata Napulitana:

A journey into the world of Neapolitan folk song.

«Naples was the largest town in Italy before the unit - until 1861.

The Duo-Trio Guarracino has an approach in line with loyalty to the sources.

He claims to belong to two absolute references:

Pietro Mazzone, from the tradition of posteggiatori is the first popular singer who recorded.

Roberto Murolo, singer of the anthology of the Neapolitan song and who purged of all pathos.

As for the emblematic mandolin, she masters what is the most generous in the popular and the most refined in the scholarly tradition.

But this fidelity to the source is not compliance.

More than accuracy, it inspires the sense of the essential, encourages stripped virtuosity, and incites an elegant means of sobriety.

The result is a group in clear line, both very personal and all in service of the style. And because there is something of exile among these artists, a touch of nostalgia of good quality comes to exalt the correctness of their interpretation.»

(Patrick Vaillant)

Duo & Trio