The Ensemble Napulitanata is born from the meeting of five Neapolitan music lovers.

With their passion, they are reviving the art of virtuoso mandolin forged in the streets of Naples, both joyful and nostalgic.

Napoli ... what a life, what a bubbling!

"The approach and modernity of these demanding musicians, fully impregnated with a music that has survived 300 years of history of a people and a country, offer a rich repertoire, alive, powerful and colorful.

Thoughtful arrangements and seductive surprises bring spicy freshness and joy of life, transmitted by the music of Ensemble Napulitanata".  (F. Spuless)

This multi-millennium city which was always open to the world, inspires Napulitanata Ensemble who gives new life to the Neapolitan folk music, preserving its authenticity.

The repertoire features dances, "tammurriatas", "tarantellas" and popular songs.

Fabio Gallucci and Salvatore Della Vecchia : mandolins, mandola

David Grasselli : guitar et vocals - Pierrick Mastras : tuba

Luc Detraz : percussions

Quartet & Quintet